My Name Is Elliott Hulse

I am a master strongman, strength coach and mentor to over 2.4 million men on YouTube.  My students call me "The King Of Making Men Strong".

Men listen to what I have to say and follow my advice, because it works.  

I am an “OG” fitness YouTuber who popularized deadlifting, strongman training, warehouse gyms, bioenergetics, reading books, active meditation, philosophy, “hybrid muscles” “becoming the strongest version of yourself”, “breathing into your balls” and how to “build a nonjob” to a generation of young men since 2007

These days I am busy Make Men Strong Again. Restoring traditional masculinity, patriarchal values and defending the family in this degenerate age. 


  • I live on a 42 acre cattle ranch in rural Florida.
  • I am husband to 1 wife and father of 4 children. 
  • I have 2 ferocious Belgian Malinois dogs.  
I am a first generation American, my family is from Belize.  My grandfather wrestled bulls and felled mahogany trees with an axe.  My father was raised on wild boar, organ meats and coconut water. He is the most alpha male patriarch on the planet.  Click here to watch an interview with my father. 


  • CHRIST IS KING - Return to the faith of our fathers, patriarchy is the future. 
  • TRADITIONAL MASCULINITY - Make men strong again, everything else will follow.
  • PROTECT THE FAMILY - Defending marriage and family in this degenerate age. 
I believe that men were created to be physically fit, strong, masculine leaders by nature, and God's decree. 

Men should be financially free, as we are providers by nature. When men are being men, we are resourceful and most generous with our time, energy, and resources. 

Men are protectors by nature and have a fatherly instinct. We want to protect what we've invested in. And because of our size and strength, men have a moral obligation to protect smaller weaker members of society. 

Real men are interested in female nature. We believe that women or men are not equal but complimentary opposites. When each knows their role and plays their part, relationships, family, and culture is well ordered.

If you agree with what I've shared so far, and you are the type of man who is ready to be a strong masculine leader who has achieved financial freedom, sovereignty over your own life, and respect from women and loved ones... then you are in the right place. 


ONE-ONE-ONE PRIVATE CONSULTING: I no longer accept personal coaching clients, instead most men join my group coaching program where they get live weekly access to me. You can learn more about group coaching by studying my free masterclass below. 

I do, however, offer single sessions to men who have immediate concerns, are seeking wise counsel or just need a kick in the ass from and elder who cares.  We can either meet live here in Florida or virtually on Zoom, it's up to you.   Click here to register, once payment is received we'll reach out to you for scheduling. 

SPEAKING: With the increased restrictions on travel, I am accepting less speaking opportunities.

If you have an event you're interested in hiring me for, and you have a budget, you may email me with details but FYI, I am saying "no" to about 80% of the speaking opportunities currently presented to me.

For podcast interviews or business inquiries you may email me at 


  • The 3 secret reasons for most men’s failures today and how to overcome them through the wisdom of “traditional masculinity”. 
  • How to tell if you suffer from “nice guy syndrome” and how to delete its degenerate effects in your life. 
  • ​How to rewire your brain, rebuild your body and restructure your life to be the “alpha male leader” that is respected by women and admired by men.


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